What a surprise! I’m going through my mother’s old slides. There’s a box labelled “Jamaica 1968”. There are some wonderful pictures of beaches, sunsets, and quaint village life.

Followed, unexpectedly, by pictures of contestants from the 1968 Miss Jamaica competition. My mom and grandmother may have been staying at the same hotel as the competition.

The women’s sashes bear the names of their sponsors: Miss Colgate Palmolive, Miss Miami Store, Miss Modern Furnishing Co, Miss Olds Discount.

Miss Jamaica 1968 pool contestants

Several of the women from my mother’s slides appear in the coronation picture, from a 1968 newspaper.

Miss Jamaica winners 1968

The winner was Karlene Waddell. According to the newspaper, her “vital statistics” were 35-24-35, weighing 112 pounds.  My mother, incidentally, did not record this information.