Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I post these pictures with the hope of returning to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In the meantime, some notes and thoughts about my trip a few years ago:

> It wasn’t until I stepped out of the airport did I realized that Puerto Rico uses the US postal service.

> I saw a cock-fighting building close to the airport and even closer to my hotel. Didn’t have a chance to watch any fights.

> A co-worker invited us to his friend’s rooftop party where the host explained the three main political views of Puerto Rico:  1) status quo, 2) become a US state, 3) full independence. This man was in the small minority that wants full independence. His passion put me to shame.

> Old San Juan, with its fort and old Spanish houses, is arguably the most beautiful city in the world.


    • I DID qualify it with arguably, but yes, your expectations should be high…for OLD San Juan. The rest of the city I can’t say much about. A bit hectic, nothing too special that I remember. But the old part of the city is essentially walled off from the rest of the city.

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